The Only iPod Video Converter You’ll Ever Need

So you got yourself a cool little iPod Nano or iPod Classic with widescreen color video. Did you know that you can watch your own videos on your video iPod using an iPod video converter? These iPod video converters are easy to use and will move your favorite music videos, movie trailers, or home movies right from your computer to a video iPod, to watch anywhere on the go.

If you’re wondering why you need to know how to convert video files to iPod it’s because you can’t just schlep any old video file from your computer to the video iPod and expect it to play. The video file has to be processed through a video file converter — but don’t worry, this process is incredibly easy. You don’t need any additional cables or cords. All you need is that cool little iPod Nano or iPod Classic of yours, the USB cable you use to charge it, and an iPod video converter like the one found in RealPlayer Plus.


RealPlayer Plus is a premium version of the RealPlayer online video player, with a number of prime features like a built-in iPod video converter. RealPlayer Plus can also convert video to play on mobile phones, but for this post we’ll concentrate on the video iPod. There are many video iPod converter tools out there, but RealPlayer Plus offers one of the simplest ways to convert files for your specific mobile device.

RealPlayer Plus also offers premium features like faster video downloads, burning HD videos to regular DVDs to play on a Blu-ray player, and of course a built-in iPod video converter. Once you purchase and download RealPlayer Plus (and whichever video you want to convert), you’re ready to send that video from your computer to your video iPod.

Let’s take a look at the process for converting video files to watch on a video iPod.


There are a few things you need to do before getting started. First, hook up your iPod to your computer using the cable that came with the video iPod. You’ll also need to download an iPod video converter like RealPlayer Plus, and naturally to download the video you want to watch on your iPod.

Once you connect the video iPod to your computer via the cable, you can use the built-in video iPod converter to convert videos to play on your iPod by doing the following:

  1. Open RealPlayer on your PC desktop.
  2. Select the Library tab. Your downloaded Library of videos will display onscreen.
  3. Place your mouse over the video you wish to convert. A small menu of options will appear. Select More and then another menu of options will appear.
  4. convert-video-to-ipod

  5. Select Convert… The RealPlayer Converter will appear on your screen.
  6. video-iPod-converter-507x600

  7. Make sure the Convert To field is set to Apple iPod. If it is not, change it to Apple iPod.
  8. Press the green Start button. The video file will be converted so it can play on the iPod.
  9. When the conversion is complete, a Conversion Complete screen will appear. Make sure to check the box next to Add Converted Files To My iTunes Library, then click OK. This will transfer the converted video to the iPod.
  10. You can now locate your video clip in the Movies section when you open iTunes on your computer. Simply migrate the new video file over to your connected iPod. (This process varies depending on your version of iTunes. In the most current iTunes 11, select the Movies tab. Then check the Sync Movies box and hit the Sync button.)

If you’re a real tech tinkerer, you can access the Details section before you convert the file and play around with bit rate and codec types for your iPod video conversion. This is usually not necessary to perform a simple video conversion to just play on your iPod.

What’s the best iPod model for watching video? Have you had luck with other iPod video converters? Do you recommend altering the bit rate or codec types on video iPod conversions, and why so? Convert a few opinions with your insights in the comments section below.

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