RealTimes Is Now Pin-able!


We all know that Pinterest can be addicting. From interior design, to life hacks, and fashion (and everything else under the sun), it’s fun to wade through images and videos of things that spark your interest, and pin the ones that you like best. Well, now RealTimes™ makes it easy to pin your favorite RealTimes Stories, photos and videos to your Pinterest account, so that others can pin your creations!

Pinterest sharing is now available in the RealTimes Android app, the PC app and the web app (coming soon to the iOS and Mac apps).  You can pin your content just as easily as you’ve shared on other platforms. The steps are simple!

  1. When viewing the photo or video you want to pin, click (or tap) the “share” icon.
  2. Choose the Pinterest logo from the options listed.
  3. Choose a board to which you want to share, by either hovering with your mouse, or tapping with your finger.
  4. Then choose “Pin it”!

Add a caption and choose which board you want to Pin.


Now all your Pinterest followers can see your new pin, and keep updated with the RealTimes stories you create, and photos you want to share.

Additionally, by creating a RealTimes board on Pinterest, you can keep all your RealTimes shares organized, and easily direct friends and family to the content you don’t want them to miss out on.  Also, we want to share your RealTimes Stories on our RealTimes Pinterest board, so please share your Stories with #MyRealTimes so we can pin them to our boards!

If you’d like to get started, but don’t have RealTimes yet, download it now!

Happy pinning!


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