RealTimes is Now Available for Mac

Mac fans can now rest assured! We’ve just launched the new RealTimes™ app for Mac®, allowing Mac users the ability to instantly create ready-made movies of their photos and videos.  The new app includes all the great photo and video management features found in other RealTimes apps, plus a few new features that make customizing RealTimes Stories even better.

Enjoy Your Memories Better with RealTimes

  • Manage and enjoy your entire photo and video collection with one app
  • Get RealTimes Stories, ready-made movie collages of your photos and videos by event – this happens instantly once you upload the videos and/or photos, all you have to do is hit “play”
  • Customize your RealTimes Stories if you prefer to have more control: add/remove photos or videos; rearrange the order of the photos and videos; change the duration of the Story; or change the music and transition effects
RealTimes Story Screenshot

Instantly get ready-made movies of your photos and videos.

  • Easily share all of your personal videos of any length and photos publicly or privately – recipients do not need the RealTimes app to be able to view the media shared
  • Safely store your precious family memories in the cloud and access across all your devices
  • Unlimited cloud storage offered for all of your personal photos and videos for up to 15 devices (for a fee)
  • All of your photos and videos are automatically organized into a timeline by date and location making it easy to access and view
  • Plus up your photos with over 20 useful photo editing features
  • View video and photos across your devices: Mac, TV, tablet, smartphone or PC – with the highest quality video possible and automatically formatted for each device
  • Upload photos and videos to one account from multiple devices making it easy to manage and enjoy your entire video and photo collection in one place
  • Invited friends and family are automatically notified when new photos, videos, and Stories are added to “Live Albums”

 All-New Features

  • As a Mac user, you can access your iTunes® library to easily customize your RealTimes Story with a soundtrack you love
RealTimes for Mac

Customize your RealTimes Stories with your own music from your iTunes library.

  • Select clips from within your video to showcase in your RealTimes Story
  • Select different thumbnail images to use with your RealTimes Story
  • Family Accounts allow families to connect up to four accounts under one Unlimited Plan subscription and share unlimited storage across their accounts plus get all the Unlimited Plan upgrade features


Get started turning your photos and videos into more fun with your Mac today:  Download the RealTimes for Mac




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