RealPlayer Cloud Celebrates its 1st Birthday!

RealPlayer Cloud is celebrating its first full year out! It’s been an awesome experience watching the app grow, and we can’t believe it’s already our first birthday. Of course, none of it would be possible without our loyal users – whether you upgraded to the Cloud from our old RealPlayer versions, or jumped in this time around, your support in sharing the love along with videos is what has helped us thrive!

RealPlayer Soars into the Sky

When we first launched the platform last year, we knew we were onto something big, but even we couldn’t have imagined the adoption rate – over 7 million users! That’s over 19 thousand sign ups each day in this first year!
RealPlayer Cloud is the extension of the traditional RealPlayer platform, taking its remarkable compression, transcoding and streaming tech that RealNetworks is known for and giving users an app that works for their modern, mobile lifestyle.
During this first year, we’ve expanded our easy way to watch, save and share videos across the globe!

The World is Getting Real

Our video cloud is accessible in 10 languages now, including:

  • English
  • Mandarin
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Taiwanese

12 Devices and 6 Platforms Supported

In our first year, we have brought our Cloud to 12 devices across six platforms of various operating systems, screen sizes and file formats. Our goal was to make our users’ video collection as accessible as possible so they can be enjoyed whenever and wherever, whether it’s from a smartphone during a daily commute or on a big screen TV with the entire family in the comfort of a cozy living room.

Even More Ways to Watch

Our newest devices have launched just in time to be part of our b-day bash: Mac OSX and Xbox One! Even rivals like Microsoft and Apple can be united by RealPlayer Cloud – videos can be shared and transferred between the platforms with no problem, thanks to RealPlayer Cloud’s SurePlayTM technology.

RealPlayer Cloud for Mac

This isn’t just a port of our PC app – this is a brand new native app for Max OS X with its own brand of Apple magic. See more screenshots and learn more about the Mac app here.

RealPlayer Cloud for Xbox One

The Xbox One app allows users to watch their personal video collections on their TV using their Xbox One. Soon, users will also be able to upload videos captured on their Xbox One to their RealPlayer Cloud account, making it easy for them to share their gameplay videos with friends and watch on all of their devices.

Birthday Deal – 365GB for Every Day of Your Year

It really isn’t a birthday without any gifts, but what do you get an app for its birthday? Trick question – it gives YOU a present!

So, in honor of our first 365 days, we are giving users 365GB of cloud storage for the price of 25GB – just $4.99 per month! This amazing deal will allow you to fit all your videos in one place that you can access anywhere! Plus you get cool premium features like streaming videos from your phone to your big screen TV in full HD with Chromecast or Roku.

Get the birthday deal here!

RealPlayer Cloud, Year 2

Thank you all again for an amazing first year! We’re always working on the app to make it better, and have big plans down the pipeline! Here’s to many more birthdays with RealPlayer Cloud!

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