Ask RealPlayer: What is Private Video Mode?

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Q: What is Private Video mode?

A: There may be some content that you have in your RealPlayer library that’s not meant for everyone to see such as homemade videos. The free version of RealPlayer has a Private Video mode built-in. The feature can be used to store videos in a hidden video folder within the RealPlayer Library and will require a pin that you choose to access the folder. After you watch the video it will also clear it from the video clip history. It’s a great feature that allows you to keep the videos you want private and still store them in the RealPlayer Library.

To access the feature simply click on the icon of the eye in the top right corner of the RealPlayer app. A Private Mode pop-up window will appear and prompt you to enter a 4-16 character pin. The pin for the private video feature can include letters and numbers. When the feature is on you will see an orange Private Mode button where the eye icon was located in the application.

priavte mode

Next, click on the Library tab and select a video you want to mark as a private video and right-click on it. Select “Make this file Private” from the menu. The hidden video will no longer be visible in the RealPlayer video library. To view private videos, click on the eye icon in the upper right corner of the RealPlayer app and enter your pin. The video will appear in the Library.

unlock private files


You can also download videos using Private Mode with RealPlayer. If you already have Private Mode turned on in RealPlayer the videos you download will appear as hidden videos in RealPlayer. To view the video, follow the steps above to select and view private videos.

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