Introducing Family Accounts for RealTimes


Bring the Whole Family Along

The RealTimes™ Unlimited plan just got even more limitless! What’s the point of endless space if you have no one to share it with? That’s why RealTimes Unlimited subscribers can now invite 3 family members (or roommates, friends, coworkers, whatever) to their account to join in on the fun! That’s countless memories, tons of stories to tell, and plenty of room to stretch.

Everyone could take their own pictures of a family vacation, and share them with everyone else for angles and sights the others didn’t get to see! Same with parties at a house full of roommates, or collecting every photo and video possible for a big wedding collection!


What else do we get?

With Family Accounts, every member of your account gets unlimited cloud storage, full HD playback on any device and streaming on TVs, plus unlimited length and special effects for their RealTimes Stories! They can each access their cloud on up to 15 devices, too – that’s smartphones, tablets, TV (with a Roku or Chromecast), PC’s or Macs! Check out all the additional features the Unlimited plan offers below (note: the Premium Plan is £3.99 and the Unlimited Plan is £7.99 in the UK):




How’s it work?

The main account holder signs up for the Unlimited account and then can add up to 3 additional sub-accounts. Each person invited to join a family account will have their own separate login. Account holders will not be able to see each other’s photos, videos or Stories unless shared using the normal share process. Account members will not be able to see or make changes to the primary account information (including billing information).



Sharing Photos & Videos with Other Family Account Members

Each cloud is truly private, so you don’t have to stress about accidently sharing anything you want to keep hidden from the family, like pictures of potential gifts while out birthday shopping. But no worries, everyone can still share as much or as little as they want with the built in sharing feature – that’s photos, videos, albums and Stories which can be posted on social media or privately sent with a text, email or IM.


The Unlimited Plan – it’s now a family thing!  Want the Family Account, but don’t have RealTimes yet: download it now!

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