How to Share Wedding Photos with RealTimes in 4 Easy Steps

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Sharing wedding photos online is one of the easiest ways to let everyone see how your big day went down. Picking the best solution for sharing wedding pictures is another story. Many sites require that friends and family create accounts to see the photos or download a wedding photo sharing app.

It’s not just about photos these days; there is also video to consider. It’s easy to use your phone to shoot video at a wedding of some of the great moments such as the best man speech, the first dance or your shy cousin break-dancing. If those are things you want to show friends and family, pick a wedding photo sharing site that accepts and shares video. Even if you don’t have video of your wedding, there’s no reason you can’t present it that way. There are options, such as RealTimes that will turn your photos into a video montage.

Wedding Photo Sharing Tips

When evaluating wedding photo sharing sites think about how much control you want to have over sharing pictures. Friends and family may use their phones to snap shots of your big event. While that’s a great way to capture moments your photographer might have missed, you might not want to share all pictures with everyone. Some images might not be appropriate for all viewers or worse, they took a decidedly unflattering picture of you. In fact, some couples even request that friends and family refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony.

If you do want to see all the photos everyone took of your big day, ask them to upload them to a private album so you can choose which ones you wish to share with everyone. A simple way to organize all your wedding pictures is to create multiple albums: ceremony, family, friends, the reception, getting ready, and the wedding weekend. Now you can pick who gets to see specific wedding photo albums.

Once you are ready to share wedding photos, think about where you want to share them. Do you want to upload them to Facebook or other social media sites? If so, enable social sharing on your albums. If you want to easily track all the photos of your wedding on all sites, have your friends and family add a hashtag (such as #SmithWedding2015). This will make it easy to search for pictures on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Before you tell everyone your hashtag, check to see if it’s taken. You’re not trying to create a viral sensation; you just want to quickly find images of your big day.

How to Share Your Wedding Photos Using RealTimes

Deciding how you want to share wedding photos online can be overwhelming. So many services make the people you share with sign-up for an account, or there are incompatibility issues. That’s not the case with RealTimes; the only person who needs an account is you. When you share photos with RealTimes, recipients will receive a link and be able to view it on any device they choose – even if they don’t have the RealTimes app. Here’s how easy it is to share wedding photos with RealTimes:

1. Create a wedding photo album (shown here using the RealTimes iPhone app)

Once you’ve installed the RealTimes app, choose the Album tab from the bottom navigation bar and tap Create Album from the menu.


2. Name your photo album

The next screen will provide a space to name your new album. Type in an album name and tap the Create button. You’ll now have a blank album.

name album

3. Add photos to your album

Tap on the album you created and then tap menu options and choose Add to Album. Scroll through your photos and tap the checkmarks on photos you want to add. Pick as many pictures as you want and tap Add to Album. The photos will appear in the album.

add photos

You may have photos from a photographer stored on a computer. To add those wedding pictures to the album, login to RealTimes from a Mac or PC, click Albums and then click the Wedding Album you created. Next, click Upload and choose the photos you want to add to your album.

You can also add videos to your album as well – the steps are the same as for photos.

view album

4. Share your wedding album

Once you’ve added photos to your wedding album, you can share it with friends and family. Tap the wedding album you want to share and click the menu button. Tap on Share Album, then choose how you want to share the wedding album.

start share

You will be able to share the album via email, message, Facebook, Twitter, or by sending a copy of the link. Tap your sharing preference, type a personal message, and choose contacts from your phonebook and tap share. The recipients will receive a link to the album. They click the link to view the collection. If they also have a RealTimes account, the shared album will show up in the Sharing tab in their account, and they can even “like” the album and photos.

ways to share

Fun Ways to Enhance Wedding Picture Sharing with RealTimes

There’s a lot more you can do when you use RealTimes to share wedding photos with friends and family. Once you’ve added photos and videos to your RealTimes account you can do a lot more with them then just add them to an album and share them. Here are some fun things you can do with your wedding pictures to take them to the next level:

  • Edit photos and make them pop: There are tons of photo editing features (such as adding filters, effects, text overlays, memes, and stickers) included in RealTimes that are easy and fun to use. Click here to learn more about RealTimes photo editing features.There are two ways to edit photos: choose one from your stream or select one from a RealTimes Story and edit it. Either way you’ll have the same editing features, so pick whichever method works best for you.
  • Add captions to pictures: Have something you want to say about a particular wedding picture? No problem. Just click on the photo in RealTimes and select Add a Caption from the menu and it will appear alongside the image. It’s a great way to point out people who attended the wedding.
  • Create a RealTimes Story video montage: Your wedding is a special day, and there are bound to be a ton of pictures that capture the event. It can be daunting going through all the pictures to pick out the best. With RealTimes it’s easy to pick the best, in fact, the app does it for you.RealTimes finds the best videos and photos you’ve taken and automatically turns them into Stories that you can save and share with friends and family either privately or on social media. A RealTimes Story is a short video montage of your special day set to music. Once RealTimes creates the Story of your wedding day, you can edit the pictures chosen, swap in new ones, add a title, and change the music and theme of the video to make it uniquely your own. Of course, you can always create your own RealTimes Story. When you have a Story made from wedding photos that you like, simply add it to the wedding album you created (following the steps above) in RealTimes, and it will be appear along with your pictures.
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However you decide to share your wedding photos, be sure to save them to a cloud storage option so you’ll always be able to view them on any device you want. When you sign-up for RealTimes you get 2GB of online storage space free, plus the ability to create and share 30-second stories. When you activate the auto upload feature (automatically adds photos taken on your phone to your RealTimes account) you get an extra 5GB of space. It’s easy to try and add more storage space so you can save all the pictures and videos from your big day.

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