How to get more free storage space with RealPlayer Cloud

get more spaceWhen you first make an account with RealPlayer Cloud, you are given 2GB of online storage space for free. This is great for uploading your first batch of videos – how many videos depends on whether you’re uploading short clips shot on your phone or full-length movies of course. Read on to find a few tips on how to get some more free storage space for your videos.

Add your first video ( + 250MB)

What’s the first thing you should do with your brand new RealPlayer Cloud account? Upload a video obviously! This immediately gets you an extra 250MB of storage space – enough to upload a few more episodes of your favourite TV show so that you can watch it wherever you go.

Share your first video ( + 250MB)

We love firsts here at RealPlayer, which is why you get another 250MB for the first time you share a video with someone. Congratulations, you’re increasing your storage and sharing the love all at the same time. Why don’t you send that video of your newborn to your family – rather than everyone on Facebook? And voilà! Now you have more cloud storage to save even more home videos.

Add more devices ( + 1GB)

The benefits of RealPlayer Cloud really start to shine when you begin using it across multiple devices. This is why we give you an extra 250MB of space for each of the first 4 devices you add (up to 1GB). So go grab your tablet/phone/computer and start getting more storage space now.

Refer a friend to RealPlayer Cloud ( + 1GB)

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out what RealPlayer Cloud has to offer, why not tell your friends about it? For every friend that you get to sign up, you receive 1GB of space – and so do they!

So head over to this page and get your personalised code. You can send it to friends via email, post it directly to Facebook or grab the link itself and put it wherever you like! Share it with your Twitter followers or put it on your blog. There really are countless ways for you to get your storage space to grow!

Upgrade your plan (25GB/100GB/300GB)

Of course if the free storage just isn’t enough, you can always upgrade to one of our premium plans, which give you more storage, even higher definition video playback and much more. Take a look which one works best for you.

Or click here to see the free space offers available on your account.

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    ill be back on the first of the month to buy a storage plan….thanks


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