How and why you should backup videos taken on your smartphone to the cloud

how to back up videos to the cloud
These days there is a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, which means most people have a decent camera with them everywhere they go. On a daily basis, we record memories that we want to cherish; from a funny moment with your mates to that time you went bungee jumping, or your kid’s first birthday.

This generation has taken more photos and videos than all previous generations combined. But unless we save these files somewhere safe, in years to come, we’ll be worse off than our grandparents. At least they have real photo albums!

Backup anxiety

Everyone KNOWS that it’s a good idea to back up your files – to keep them saved in more than one place in case your hard drive fails or you drop your phone in water. But until recently, backing up meant finding the right cord, then plugging your device into your computer and waiting for the files to copy across.


No more space

Aside from keeping a safe backup of your videos, there is one other annoyance with being a smartphone videographer: pretty quickly your files start to take up a lot of space – your phone was not meant to hold hundreds of gigabytes of data like computers and external hard drives are. We’ve all seen that dreaded ‘you are running out of space’ message – and it always seems to come just when you want to capture something really cool with your camera.

What’s the solution?

Backing up your videos ‘to the Cloud’, directly from your phone over WiFi or cellular connection is likely to be your simplest and safest solution.

Cloud storage simply means saving your files in an online storage space, rather than on your physical PC or phone. The cloud storage companies save your files to secure servers in multiple locations to ensure your data is never lost. Because it’s all done over the Internet, you don’t need to connect to your PC via cords and cables to backup.

There are countless sites to choose from, each offering different benefits:

  1. Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive: These services make working on the same documents with other people really easy.
  2. Dropbox: They helped the cloud storage trend take off and are now used by thousands of people around the world to save and share their files.
  3. Great option if you want to share folders in the cloud with others.
  4. iCloud: if you have an iPhone, you can pay for an iCloud subscription and automatically back up your phone over wireless.
  5. …and so many more!

Cloud backup specially for video

If you love shooting videos, then you will need a Cloud storage service that is good for storing video. Video files are larger than other file types, and can easily get corrupted or saved in a format that isn’t compatible with other devices.

This is where RealPlayer Cloud comes in. It’s optimized for video, so files can be quickly uploaded over WiFi or cellular connection as soon as you’ve shot them.

With our app on your phone, you just need to select the video(s) from within the app and hit ‘Upload’. That’s it! It’s saved to your personal storage space. Plus, because it’s saved in the cloud, you can delete the original file from your phone to keep space free for your next video.

Once you upload a video to RealPlayer Cloud from any device regardless of format, it is optimized by our SurePlay™ technology. So it is ready to play on any other device in the right format, whenever you want to watch it. So you can rest assured that the file will be watchable in the years to come.

Free storage space

Sign up for free and you’ll get up to 2GB storage space. And if you like the service, you can purchase more space at anytime. Check out our website to find out what else RealPlayer Cloud can do.

We’re biased of course, but we have yet to find a cloud storage solution specific for video that works better than ours. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  • Fred October 14, 2014, 10:20 am

    I use automatic backup of photos and videos on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Works perfectly. The RealPlayer Cloud looks interesting Too.
    Especially with the method of sharing videos without other people needing software to watch them.


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