RealTimes Is Now Pin-able!


We all know that Pinterest can be addicting. From interior design, to life hacks, and fashion (and everything else under the sun), it’s fun to wade through images and videos of things that spark your interest, and pin the ones that you like best. Well, now RealTimes™ makes it easy to pin your favorite RealTimes Stories, photos and videos to your Pinterest account, so that others can pin your creations!
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Mac fans can now rest assured! We’ve just launched the new RealTimes™ app for Mac®, allowing Mac users the ability to instantly create ready-made movies of their photos and videos.  The new app includes all the great photo and video management features found in other RealTimes apps, plus a few new features that make customizing RealTimes Stories even better.
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Bring the Whole Family Along

The RealTimes™ Unlimited plan just got even more limitless! What’s the point of endless space if you have no one to share it with? That’s why RealTimes Unlimited subscribers can now invite 3 family members (or roommates, friends, coworkers, whatever) to their account to join in on the fun! That’s countless memories, tons of stories to tell, and plenty of room to stretch.
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wedding-shot-507x294 - Copy
Sharing wedding photos online is one of the easiest ways to let everyone see how your big day went down. Picking the best solution for sharing wedding pictures is another story. Many sites require that friends and family create accounts to see the photos or download a wedding photo sharing app.
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ThinkstockPhotos-478165662-509x294 - Copy

Like most people today, you’re probably snapping photos throughout your day of everything you come across. Photos are no longer just of pretty sunsets and holiday gatherings, but now range from the special events to the normal daily experiences: every dish you eat, new shoes your dawning, the TV your shopping for, and even your parking space!
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Congratulations to Our Winners!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, Victoria Turbin! Victoria’s video “Our Day at the Seaside,” really captured our attention! Victoria – please be sure to share a RealTimes Story of your trip to Port Lympne Animal Reserve with us!
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We have just launched our RealTimes app for Windows 10.  It has all the great PC features with a few new ones:
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This competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

In celebration of families everywhere, we’re giving away an overnight VIP family safari experience for 8 in Port Lympne Animal Reserve… and more! The Grand Prize has something for everyone, from meeting the animals up close to a feast cooked by your own private chef. All you have to do is share your ‘Ultimate Family Moments’ with RealTimes. Find out more below.
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We just announced RealTimes, a new way to have fun with your photos and videos. RealTimes finds the best photos and videos you’ve taken and automatically turns them into RealTimes Stories that can be easily saved and shared with friends and family. To get you started, we automatically create some suggested RealTimes Stories once you download the app and allow Auto Upload of your photos and videos. These suggested Stories are the easiest and fastest way to enjoy and share a video montage of your photos and videos. However, you may want more control of how your Story looks. That’s great, you can edit a suggested Story or create your own RealTimes Story and share it with friends and family.
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We’ve been busy at work coming up with a new way for you to enjoy your videos and photos stored on your devices. We all know how easy it is to use your phone to take pictures and videos of kids, events, and vacations. Doing something with those special memories is another story. Often those memories get stored away on a phone and forgotten. That’s why we’re introducing RealTimes, the fastest and easiest way to get the most out of all of your personal photos and videos. The app finds the best photos and videos you’ve taken and automatically turns them into RealTimes Stories that can be easily saved and shared with friends and family. RealTimes also includes all of the old features you love from RealPlayer Cloud, making it the ultimate multi-tool for your videos and photos.
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