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By Jason Phillips

I would be willing to bet that every kid playing a video game when they were young has had fantasies about becoming their favorite video game character. They have probably also thought of what it might be like to see their toys come to life and move around and fight bad guys (Toy Story, anyone?). Who hasn’t played a video game and thought that it would make an awesome movie: “Why haven’t they made it yet?” you ask. Not all video games will equal movie magic. With that in mind we’ve rounded up 5 video games that should NOT be made into a movie and why.
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parents make sure children are watching safe videosBy Ken Myers

When it comes to protecting our children from the content of the Internet, there is no such thing as too much security. Although the Internet is loaded with valuable information for all ages, it also can subject your child to content they may not be ready for or is otherwise inappropriate. Even innocent enough websites such as YouTube can have inappropriate material displayed. This is especially true if the computer your child is using is shared by the whole family. YouTube and Google will provide results based on your search criteria. In a shared environment, this can yield results that you may not want your children to have access to.
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