Geoff Talbot

Video on DemandPerhaps you pride yourself on having a wonderful collection of DVD’s that spans the full length of your living room. Cool huh? While it may be great to look at, it’s likely taking up a lot of space. Granted, a lot less space than that gigantic VHS collection that you used to show off at cocktail parties in the early 1990’s. What happened to all those VHS tapes by the way?
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Portrait of young happy man sharing his photo and video files inVideo is a powerful tool that connects people who are geographically separated from one another. It is also a great aggregator of people; whether we are a random group of people who support the same cause, find the same kind of thing funny, or simply because we all love J-Lo, video groups us together. This is the socializing effect of video.

Think of the movie theatre experience, where people in the community group together around an item of entertainment. The same thing happens virtually online, but around shared video content. It’s just that online it’s a looser, more amorphous, displaced kind of cluster.

Video is meant to be shared. No matter where you find it, video connects us together. Let’s take a look at the top video sharing sites online…
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