Announcing: RealPlayer Cloud for Mac!

realplayer_cloud_macRealPlayer Cloud has been out for almost a year now for Windows desktop as well as iOS, Android, Kindle and Roku to name a few. There has been one missing piece of the puzzle – until now! Welcome Mac users.

We would like to welcome Mac users on board with a dedicated RealPlayer Cloud desktop application for Mac.

You can now take advantage of the program’s many features across almost any device you own. Read on to see four highlights of what RealPlayer Cloud for Mac can do.

1. Manage your RealPlayer Cloud account from your Mac

RealPlayer Cloud helps you store and move videos across your devices via the cloud. This new version for Mac provides you with a hub of your whole account.

From here you can view videos stored locally on your Mac, in your personal cloud or on any of your other RealPlayer Cloud enabled devices connected to your network.

Upload Videos: Simply find the video you want to upload into the cloud and drop it into the application. Or select the video(s) from the ‘My Mac’ tab and click ‘Upload’.

After uploading, your video will be in the cloud ready to be shared with anyone and watched anywhere.


Download Videos: You can also download videos onto your Mac that are stored in your personal cloud or that have been shared with you. All you do is select that video and click ‘Download’.

It will automatically be converted from the format that it was originally in for what works best on your Mac.


2. Share and email videos

To privately share videos stored on your Mac or in the cloud, you just need to select the video and then the ‘share’ option.

From here you can select ‘email your video’ (regardless of size), copy the link to the video or post it to Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to include a message!


Note that due to copyright laws, you can only send videos to other people if they are either shorter than 20 minutes, or if you filmed them yourself.

For longer content that you own, such as films and TV shows, you can wirelessly transfer these to your other devices. But you won’t be able to send them to friends.

At a friend’s house and want to access your videos? Simply login to RealPlayer Cloud with your account and access videos stored in your personal cloud.

3. Wirelessly transfer videos between devices

Do you have videos on your phone that you’ve been meaning to transfer to your computer for safe keeping, sharing or simply to open up space on your device?

Forget getting the cable out, just open up RealPlayer Cloud on your device and your Mac. Now select your video on your phone/tablet and tap ‘Send To – ’.

All of your RealPlayer Cloud enabled devices on your network will show up here.
Select one and the video will be sent across!

Note: this doesn’t use any cloud space.

transer video_2

4. Watch videos on your TV

Now that you have all your videos in the right places, it’s time to stick them up on the big screen for the best viewing experience.

If you have a Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV, you can use RealPlayer Cloud to wirelessly stream the videos to your TV from your Mac.

With RealPlayer Cloud on your tablet or smartphone, select your Mac in the devices menu. From there, pick the video you want to watch and then press the streaming icon to get it up on the screen.


Or on a Roku – you can scroll through your personal cloud videos via the RealPlayer Cloud app, using your Roku remote.


We hope you enjoy using RealPlayer Cloud. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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