5 excellent resources for full-length, free movies and videos on YouTube

realplayer cloud download moviesOnline video is growing at an explosive rate, with massive amounts of content being available for free. YouTube currently holds the biggest catalogue of movie and video content on the web and probably in the world. At the time of writing, they have over 1 billion unique users visiting the site who watch over 6 billion hours of video each month! This post will focus on YouTube, but there is much more out there!

These are pretty mind-bending numbers, but what it means is that once you sort through the junk, there is plenty of high quality, professional content available. Additionally, RealPlayer Cloud for desktop lets you download videos from all across the web so that you can bring them with you wherever you go, on all your devices. *

  1. FullMovies.cc

  2. This site conveniently groups hundreds of movies available to watch for free on YouTube all in one place. Thankfully they are split out by genre to help you find exactly what you need depending on your mood.

    This is such a complete list; I hardly feel the need to go on! Go and browse FullMovies.cc, you know you want to.

  3. Full free documentaries by ‘Anton Pictures’

  4. In the early days of YouTube there was a 10-minute limit per upload (anyone remember watching longer videos in 10 or more parts?), but that has now been lifted, which means that all sorts of HD documentaries are available in their full 90-minute glory.

    User ‘Anton Pictures’ has put together a great list of some of the best and most interesting for you to enjoy. Check it out!

  5. YouTube’s free movie section

  6. A little know fact is that you can actually rent movies straight from YouTube. However, as well as paid options, YouTube has a whole collection of films available to watch for free that they have provided themselves. Some of them are quite old and most weren’t necessarily big hits in their time, but there are a lot of them – and they’re free! What more could you ask for? Check them out here.

  7. Vice documentaries

  8. If you haven’t heard of Vice before you should check it out immediately. They are internet-famous for producing thought provoking short and long documentaries and features on pretty much any topic you could think of. And the more controversial it is, the more likely it is that Vice has covered it. Not to mention they are all filmed in beautiful HD! Take a look.

  9. ‘Full movies on YouTube’ on Reddit

  10. Reddit is a crazy and wonderful place with topics spanning all sorts. Luckily for us movie lovers, one of those topics is a constantly updated page devoted entirely to full movies on YouTube. It’s all user-posted so you’ll never run out of fresh content. Check out /r/fullmoviesonyoutube

Happy watching!

So pick your favourites and hit that download button. Then sit back and watch as the videos appear on all of your RealPlayer Cloud enabled devices. You can download the RealPlayer app here.

Do you know of any great movies or videos available on YouTube? Share your knowledge with us all in the comments below!

*Please Note: Some of the movies included here are not appropriate for children, so watch out what you download to your family tablet. Furthermore RealPlayer will always respect DRM, so if you find you can’t download a video, it may be digital rights protected.

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