20 Unbelievably Useful Photo Editing Features in RealTimes

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Like most people today, you’re probably snapping photos throughout your day of everything you come across. Photos are no longer just of pretty sunsets and holiday gatherings, but now range from the special events to the normal daily experiences: every dish you eat, new shoes your dawning, the TV your shopping for, and even your parking space!

We’ve added a plethora of photo editing features to RealTimes that are easy and fun to use. With these features, you can make your photos stand out from the crowd, so even the mundane pics can look cool and be share-worthy. Also, since RealTimes automatically picks a bunch of your best photos when creating RealTimes Story montages, there may be a few that you really want to punch up to make your Story more visually engaging. That doesn’t mean you need to go back into a photo-editing program, fix them, and then manually add them to your RealTimes Story – you can make all the changes right within the RealTimes app.

How To Edit Photos in a RealTimes Story

There are two ways to edit photos using RealTimes: choose a photo from your stream or select a photo from within a RealTimes Story and edit it. Either way you’ll have the same editing features, so pick whichever method works best for you.

Edit a Photo From Your Photo Stream in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Launch the RealTimes app and select a photo.
  2. Tap on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Choose an editing option from the bottom nav bar and tap Apply in the top right corner of the screen to save. You can apply as many editing features to each photo as you would like (scroll the nav bar left and right to see all the options). When you have made all the changes you want, tap Done. A new version of the photo will appear in your RealTimes stream.

Learn How to Easily Create a RealTimes Story


Edit a Photo Included in a RealTimes Story

  1. Select a RealTimes Story from your photo stream and play it.
  2. When the video ends, tap the Edit Scenes button.
    edit scene
  3. Tap the pencil icon on a photo with a blue highlighted checkmark (those are the images included in the RealTimes Story).
  4. Choose an editing option and tap Apply in the top right corner of the screen to save. When done applying all the editing features you want, tap Done. The new edited version will replace the previous one in the RealTimes story. Don’t worry; you’ll still have a copy of the original photo in your photo stream.

20 Photo Editing Features that Turn Your Pics Up a Notch

We’ve included 20 photo editing options in RealTimes. Besides the standard options such as crop, enhance, and orientation adjustment, there are a bunch of fun features as well. That means you can do everything from adding stickers to an image to turning a pic into a Meme. Check out all the RealTimes photo editing features:

  1. Enhance: Use this feature to fix the color of an image, or add illumination. If you really want to make the photo stand out, choose the Hi-Def option.
  1. Crop: There are 11 pre-set cropping ratio choices including among others 3:5, 4:6, 5:7, 4:5, 9:16, and 11:14. You can also always do a Custom crop.
  1. Orientation: This feature lets you rotate images left to right or right to left as well as flip them.
  1. Text: Got something to add? Choose a color and type a caption.
  1. Draw: Pick a color and a paintbrush size (denoted in different circle sizes) and doodle on your picture. Don’t like your art? Use the eraser button to make adjustments.
  1. Lighting: Easily adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows on a photo by making a selection and using the slider bar.
  1. Color: Interested in changing the hue of the photo? Use the slider bar to adjust how much Saturation, Warmth, Tint, and Fade you want to appear.
  1. Sharpness: Simply move the vertical blue line along the scroll wheel to make a picture sharper or duller.
  1. Effects: Change the overall impact of an image with this option. The available choices are Clyde, Avenue, Haas, Arizona, Lucky, Dean, Keylime, Boardwalk, Sentosa, Sage, Metropolis, and Cruz.
  1. Focus: With this feature simply select the circle or rectangle to make an area on the image stand out.
  1. Whiten: Pick a circle size and whiten the center of a picture.
  1. Vignette: Use this feature to add those cool blurry edges to a photo. Tap on the image to reveal an adjustable oval. Space outside of the oval receives a slightly blurred treatment.
  1. Redeye: This works just like other red-eye removal features. Pick a circle size; tap the point in the picture you want to fix and presto – no more red-eye.
  1. Blur: Want to make something in the photo a little less visible, with multiple brush sizes this feature does the trick.
  1. Blemish: Have imperfections you want to remove? Simply tap the imperfection in the picture on the screen and watch it vanish.
  1. Splash: This option transforms a color picture into black and white and then you pick the Free Color or Smart Color option to add spots of color back into it.
  1. Meme: Who doesn’t love a good Meme? Quickly turn one of your pictures into one by entering some clever text, the Meme feature does the rest.
  1. Frames: Choose from a variety of options to frame your shots. There’s everything from standard frames to filmstrips to those that can apply an antique effect.
  1. Overlays: Get creative with your shots by adding an overlay such as a circle, diamond, or a series of blocks to frame the picture.
  1. Stickers: Think that guy in your photo would look better with a barbershop-style mustache? You can easily add one to it with the sticker feature. There is also a ton of other stickers in the pack including a lightning bolt, glasses, and exaggerated eyelashes.

There are so many fun and useful photo editing features in RealTimes, you might end up using it to edit and share all your pics. That’s just fine with us! If you haven’t given RealTimes a try, download the free app on your phone and see how it quickly transforms your memories into RealTimes Stories that you can share with friends and family.




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