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Transfer and convert videos twice as fast

Video files are large, by nature. And that means moving them from your Windows computer to your other devices or converting them can be painfully slow.

But with RealPlayer Plus Accelerated Transfer and Conversion it’s 100% faster than on the free version – even if you’re transferring lots of videos at the same time, even if they’re HD videos.

This feature works on RealPlayer Plus for Windows, if you are using cables to transfer video files from your Windows computer to your devices. The feature shouldn’t be confused with the RealPlayer Cloud feature, which allows you to transfer videos wirelessly.

So if you do a lot of transferring to Smartphones or tablets using cables, or converting a lot of videos to formats such as MP3, it will save you a lot of time.

The techie bits

  • Speed up file conversion by up to 100%.
  • Convert VOB and MPEG-2 videos into other formats.
  • Convert videos to mp3s 100% faster.
  • H.264 encoding (so it works with a wide range of devices)
  • Works with the most popular devices: iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, HTC and more.

RealPlayer Cloud Premium

 For Windows only