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Burn HD DVDs

RealPlayer Plus can make HD DVDs for your Blu-ray player using standard blank DVDs. And, of course, it can burn standard DVDs, for standard DVD players.

So you can watch your home movies or your favourite web videos on your TV or portable player. And backing up your video collection or sharing videos on DVD with friends is easy.

Just choose the videos you want from your RealPlayer Cloud library, click ‘copy to DVD’, choose the order you want them to play in and press burn. And you can even print your own case covers too, for that finishing touch.

The techie bits

  • AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition – a way of recording and playing HD videos on standard DVD discs. With RealPlayer Plus, you can take up to 60 minutes of HD video files and put them onto a standard DVD with AVCHD that will play in your Blu-Ray player.
  • Burn DVD and SVCD (Super Video CD)
  • Produces professional quality DVDs with high speed conversion.
  • 120 minutes of DVD burning time per disc (60 minutes for AVCHD).
  • Create high quality music CDs, crossfade tracks and normalize volume

RealPlayer Cloud Premium

 For Windows only