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Watch your videos on TV

Ever wanted to watch videos shot on your phone on a bigger screen, like your TV? Forget trying to connect a computer to a TV to watch your videos. Access RealPlayer Cloud on Roku or Chromecast to see your videos on the big screen. No wires needed.

Your HD videos in RealPlayer Cloud are streamed to your TV using Sureplay™ technology, making your viewing experience high quality with no interruptions or file issues.

Watch videos on TV using Chromecast

RealPlayer Cloud apps on iPhone, iPad, Android and Web all have integrated Chromecast support. So with RealPlayer Cloud you can watch all the videos you have stored on your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android on your TV.

Each of the RealPlayer Cloud apps come with a little button on the top-right corner that will allow you to cast videos from the device to your TV. You can even control the playback of your videos from the device, so your device in essence becomes a remote control.

RealPlayer Cloud is just one of a handful of apps that are available for the popular device, and is the first app to allow you to take your own videos and watch them on your TV.

Watch videos on Roku

It’s easy to watch your RealPlayer Cloud videos on your Roku. Once your Roku is connected, videos you have stored in your RealPlayer Cloud, or on PCs/devices connected to the same network, will be available to play on your Roku.

Just head onto your Roku and find the RealPlayer channel. Make a note of the Activation Code shown on the screen.

Go to cloud.real.com/roku, enter the activation code, and click Connect.

Note: RealPlayer Cloud will work with Roku LT (2400, 2500, 2700), Roku HD (2500), Roku 1 (2710), Roku 2 (2720), Roku 2 HD (3000, Roku 2XD (3050), Roku 2XS (3100) and Roku 3 (4200).

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