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Private Mode

Some things you want to share with the world – other things, you really don’t. That’s why RealPlayer Cloud for Windows desktop has Private Mode.

When you switch to Private Mode on the desktop client, any videos you download go into a safe folder. It’s protected by a password. And you can add any videos from your own collection into your safe folder, too.

You can also mark existing clips as private and these will be moved to your hidden folder. When you leave Private Mode, your folder and everything in it becomes invisible – and there’s no trace of what you’ve been watching in your ‘recent items’ or ‘now playing’ list.

And even though no one else can see your safe folder, we scramble the names of the files anyway just for extra security. Top tip! If you are watching a private video and someone comes by, simply press the ESC button to quickly hide and mute the video playing. (Phew.)