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Move videos between devices

Got videos stuck on your phone that you’d love to play on your TV? Or perhaps you have videos on your PC that you want to watch on your tablet.

Upload your videos to RealPlayer Cloud using our apps and you can watch them on your Android, Windows Computer, iPhone, iPad and on any of the popular browsers.

Add videos of any format to your collection in the cloud and they are automatically adjusted for your device screen-size, bandwidth and device type. Our SurePlayTM system stores right-sized copies and formats of videos so that they are always ready for instant playback on all your devices.

With RealPlayer Cloud your videos are no longer trapped on one device. You can move them without cables and play them anywhere no matter what the format.

Supports all popular formats like FLV, WMV, MKV, DIVX, XVID, MOV, AVI and MP4.

Wirelessly stream videos from your PC.

Using your home wireless network, the RealPlayer Cloud app on your iPad or Tablet can connect to your PC and stream your videos directly.

Download videos for offline viewing.

If you are on the go on the road or on an airplane, download videos from your RealPlayer Cloud to your device and watch them even when you’re offline.

Using RealPlayer’s ‘download video’ feature for PC and Mac, you can download a copy of almost any internet clip to your PC or Mac and save it to RealPlayer Cloud. You can then access it on any device and save it for offline viewing on the go.

Get 2 GB of space when you signup - free! And get 1 GB extra free when you recommend a friend.